Our Services

We offer complete property management services, including accounting, for single-family homes, townhomes & condos.  We have been successfully audited by outside CPAs over a dozen times in the last six year, thus providing our clients with a 3rd party review of all our professional services.  We have never had a client need to create a special assessment for any financial matters, meaning that our long range financial models allow for proper financial planning for both today & for well into the future.  We have built complex financial models that run out for the next 30 years for our clients.

We have a local office, specifically in Chapel Hill, staffed Monday through Friday.  Additionally we have a 24hour answering service, meaning that whenever a client calls they will talk with a “real person.” We respond to all emergency calls promptly, never taking longer than 15-20 minutes to arrive on the scene of an emergency.

Additionally, we provide cutting edge technology, including HOA website design & support & applications for HOA management, including applications for iPhones & Android phones.  Also, we never charge extra for any of this technology, as we include it in our base contract rates.

Finally, we often provide long term (ex, three, four or five year contracts) fix rate contracts so that our clients can easily plan budgets well into the future.